I Got Accepted into the 2016 Key to Keys

I couldn’t be more excited to have just received a phone call from The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults (UCF), informing me that I’ve been accepted to participate in the 2016 Key to Keys charity bike ride.

Back story:

Earlier this year, I was browsing Facebook (like we do for most of our day anyways haha) and I spotted pictures of a group of bicyclists gathered together at our local bike shop, Race Pace. They were preparing to depart for KEY WEST, FLORIDA! My jaw nearly dropped! After a few more clicks, I immediately found myself on the UCF website reading about all the great support and services they provide to the cancer community. I knew at that point that my heart was already connected with this group and this ride. I hunted and hunted for information about next years ride but it wasn’t available yet (I should’ve known, the current ride just took off hours ago). I emailed the race director and she promised to notify me personally when the applications open for next years ride.

Fast forward to October:

I am notified by UCF that applications are now being accepted. I headed over to the website so fast my fingers caught fire! Application, complete. Wait….Wait…. Email Received: “Dan, we’d like to conduct an interview, when would be a convenient time”. After have setup this interview, which I think went very well… Wait….Wait…. Phone Call Receive: “Dan, we’re pleased to offer you a position on our team in the 2016 Key to Keys ride” WOOHOO!!!! I was off and running. I knew this fundraising effort would not be an easy accomplishment. To be truthful, the fundraising effort will be more difficult than the actual ride itself. Which is why I’m going to need everyone’s help!

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